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I want to thank all of you who support my work for a more balanced climate debate by buying my books from this website.

If you want to support the progress of my projects, I gratefully accept support.


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In the fall, I aim to come out with new episodes on Youtube every Friday. In order not to miss upcoming episodes, I recommend subscribing to my channel. Click Subscribe in the upper right after clicking on the link above.


Soon a new and revised edition of the Climate Circus will be published, where I also included two new co-authors.  Karolina Hagegård, who lives and works in Kenya, writes about Energy and Poverty and Per Fahlén, professor emeritus of energy technology writes about the energy system and how things could have gone so wrong. 

Last year I published False Alarm, the climate issue from a scientific aspect, in English and, Climate Circus, the new edition, will be published in English in autumn 2021. In addition, I have published Staffan Mörner's pedagogical book, Should one worry about the climate threat? All the books are available for purchase here on the blog but also through other sales channels such as and  


I have also started a project in which I, together with seven co-authors, highlight the serious consequences of alarmism. It deals with the consequences for the poor part of the world and how fossil fuels today save lives, about climate anxiety in children, about an energy system falling into pieces, about how environmental issues are being ignored, the disastrous development at our universities, how the media distorts reality, how freedom of expression is under threat and how business avoids science and no longer dares to set limits.

There is now also a climate song and a climate video that Ulf Gabrielsson and Karl-Johan Thore have produced, and that Friends of Science in Canada has made a video of. Feel free to search elsa widding 22 to see the video or search for Ulf Gabrielsson on Spotify to hear the song.

Staffan Mörner and I will also bring our children's book project to life, which has not yet been completed. 

In the autumn of 2021, I hope to be able to start giving lectures again, talking about the climate issue from a scientific perspective and how scared we should be of climate change.